entree.sg is an online platform where we share stories of:

  • entrepreneurs;
  • people who stopped working for others and started working for themselves such as freelancers; and
  • for hustlers, who despite having a full-time job continue to pursue their passion part-time.

The Q&A format

Almost all our articles are in Q&A format because we believe in preserving the words our interviewees share with us as much as possible. Fluffing it with our writing flair will only dilute the content. entrée is not about how well our contributors write. It’s about the story of our interviewees.

Be a contributor

You can be one of our contributors too. Just drop us an email, and we’ll be in touch. No experience is needed, but you need to have an inquisitive mind and an interest in entrepreneurship.

Who’s behind entrée?

entrée was founded by Mark Ko on 30 April 2018. Mark is also the founder of popular tech news and review site, Tech Coffee House.