Our Grandfather Story: It all started from a school assignment

Ng Kai Yuan is the co-founder of Our Grandfather Story (OGS), a digital publisher dedicated to uncovering timeless and overlooked stories across Southeast Asia. Some of their popular works include At This Buffet Restaurant, You Pay As You Wish, Parents Who Have Lost A Child, Finding Love in an Arranged Marriage and The 12-year-old Pursuing... Continue Reading →

More than a face on YouTube

Ryan Tan is one of the well-known faces in Singapore‚Äôs YouTube scene. But if you have not heard of him, it is no fault of yours either because he is commonly known by his other aliases like NOC Ryan, Food King and Xi Guay (watermelon) Ong. As we look to restart entree.sg to bring back... Continue Reading →

Creating something that matters

Emily Tan is the founder of Calla Lily, a jewellery brand, which focuses on co-creating their exquisite dazzling pieces with their clients through their stories. In this interview, Emily shares her journey from how her first step into the world of fashion design started through where she is today - creating something that matters to... Continue Reading →

Making Malaysia their second home

If you are an entrepreneur who's wondering if you should expand your operations into another market, this interview with Rhonda Wong is perfect for you. Rhonda Wong is the CEO and co-founder of Ohmyhome, a three-year-old prop-tech start-up that has recently set up a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to provide their growing property... Continue Reading →

A visit to Israel changes his career path

  Tuition is one of the most competitive education services in Singapore. Kiasuism of the parents could be the reason why tuition services continue to thrive over the decades. Students in Singapore have two choices when it comes to tuition. They can visit a tuition centre where it normally hosts a large group of students... Continue Reading →

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