She mends her broken heart by turning it into a game

A heartbreak inspired 23-year-old Teh Jo Ey to start her entrepreneurial journey. Though the unlikeliest of cause and effect, it gave her the positive energy she needed to rise above the painful relationship she had.

Her venture is called Broken Hearts, which is a card game that aims to help people regain their confidence to love again.

In this interview, Joey shares with us the story on her past relationship and how it spurred her on to start Broken Hearts.

Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts Game Set

Do you mind sharing the story of your break-up? How bad was it?

Honestly, my break up wasn’t an epic, tragic story. Our relationship ended due to a widening gap between us, and we just weren’t good together. However, the part that particularly stung was the nature of the break-up. He left without a word, and it was a hard time for me as I couldn’t get any closure.

I’m sure that there are people who have experiences worse than me but regardless of how the relationship ended, it’s always going to be painful, isn’t it?

How did it turn from a personal experience into a card game?

Broken Hearts

I decided to turn pain into positive energy and suggested to my two colleagues who became co-creators of the relationship card game that would encourage broken-hearted people in the world to be brave and believe in love again!

I was a timid and insecure girl before the break-up. During the lowest point, I learned how to face my broken hearts, be comfortable with all the uncomfortable situations, and I took up the courage to embark on something meaningful: to spread love to the world.

Why did you not turn it into an app but a physical game?

Because we realised nowadays most of the people do not know how to express love at the same time lack of it. People tend to hide their emotion and do not want to face their broken hearts. We hope through this game by doing all of the interactive action it can eventually allow others to take their first step to be brave and love again. Did you ever blow a kiss to your friends? Did you ever make a pinky promise with your family? We hope Broken Hearts game can increase the quality time with your loved ones, friends and even with family.

How did your family and friends react to your idea?

I am very grateful to receive countless encouragements from my family and friends. I am very close with my family. They showered me with their love and care when I was depressed. They make me realised no matter how sad you are, know that it is not going to last forever – no matter how happy you are or how great things might seem. Because of this I started to cherish every moment and be present.

You said that you faced rejections when creating this game. What did these people say about your idea?

“Why do we insist on using “Broken Hearts” as the name of our card game, despite many people asking us to change the name as it sounds negative?”

Knowing that everyone would have their heart broken at some point in life, we hope that people can be brave to face their “Broken Hearts” and fall in love with life again.

How did you overcome the rejections and challenges you faced during your journey?

I am grateful for all the rejections and challenges that I’ve faced because it makes me feel that I’m not alone. Broken Hearts is impactful enough for people to voice out their opinion. In life, we will all eventually face rejections, failures and in general “broken hearts”, but these are the lessons that open doors of opportunities.

How’s the feedback from people who played your game?

Overall, they enjoyed the game session. This is also what we hope to see, the smile and joy even if it is just a short 15-minute game session. We hope that they can enjoy the moment, be brave and love again!

We know that you will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign on 24 October 2018. How much do you intend to raise and what’s in it for the crowd?

We hope to raise S$15,000 from our Kickstarter campaign yet we would love to see the game become the most exciting game of 2018 to spread the love around the world. Relationships are part of everyone’s life, and there will be times when our hearts are broken. I hope that through our Broken Hearts game, we will help to heal these wounds so that people will be brave and believe in love again, in a fun way!

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The brain behind AspirantSG

See Wee Heng is a social media and digital marketer. But what many don’t know about him is that under that disguise, he is also the man behind the popular blog, AspirantSG, which over the years have garnered a strong following. So how does he manage his time between his day job and a blog that has an audience that craves for new reads? Also, what is his advice to people who aspire to be an influencer in this day and age?

We caught up with Wee Heng to find out more.

What is AspirantSG?

AspirantSG is a food, travel, lifestyle and social media blog in Singapore with a readership of 400,000 page views monthly. The blog reaches out to Professionals, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen (PMEBs) – generally working adults with spending power and a penchant for lifestyle, travel and more exquisite things in life.

How long have you been running Aspirant SG and what inspired you to start the blog?

AspirantSG started in 2012, so I have been running it for six years. I have a passion for good food, travels and photography hence I wanted to share my experience with folks who ‘aspire’ for similar pleasures in life.

Back then, I was also ‘foolishly’ inspired by the ancients – Pharaohs & Emperors who left legacies behind after their death. I wanted the blog and my experience to be available on the world wide web long after I am gone in the future, which unfortunately was quite a silly concept because the website goes down once you stop paying for your domain and web hosting.

What were the challenges you faced when you started AspirantSG?

Well, the biggest challenge was readership. It can be demoralising curating content when no one reads. I had to find channels to get my content out to potential readers and learned the hard way that I must curate contents that people want to read and not the other way round.

See Wee Heng

How long did it take for you to hit your first million page views and how did you feel when you saw the figures?

Wow, I forgot how long that took me. I was more obsessed with keeping traffic up month on month than to track the increasing traffic. If I am not wrong, it should have taken me between 2 and 2.5 years.

We know that you have a full-time job. How do you manage your time to keep the popular blog afloat?

Having made friends with PR agencies and communications folks, I now have the luxury of picking the releases and experience that I wish to focus on.

Content curation for the entire upcoming work week has to be squeezed within the previous weekend.

Did anything change after being acquired by TIN Communications?

Dennis Toh and William Ang have their style when it comes to content curation. I supposed I was fortunate that AspirantSG was not overly reliant on my persona hence my readers were able to tolerate slight shifts in writing style and content line-ups.

Now that I am with a progressive and supportive employer, I am glad that I can regain editorial control of AspirantSG and continue to pursue my blogging passion.

As a veteran blogger with loads of digital media experience, what are your thoughts on the current influencer hype?

I feel that we are the heyday of the ‘Super Influencers’ and they should seriously reap their worth when the sun still shines. Micro-influencers may be the next upcoming trends when people want to see things through the lens of numerous ‘average person’.

What’s your advice to people who want to start their blog/website or be an influencer in this saturated market?

Blogging or running a website if you have the passion and commitment can develop into an excellent secondary source of income for rainy days or retirement planning. But to activate this source of income, you must have good business sense, hungry and be on an active lookout for various income streams. I have met many passionate bloggers who are good at their craft but not able to get their worth of secondary income.